If you have it all, Art should be the ultimate possession

Pictures are a window on the world and a safe investment. The art market can rise more securely than other financial markets, for it is less influenced by the condition of economy.

Even when the wold is in recession, art prices show no signs of falling down, as may prove the record prices reached each year by different works on auction sales rooms.

There are many factors that may influence the price of a painting, since the market trends to exclusivity, originality and rarity of the art work.

Quorporum¢î private collection is composed mostly of modern and contemporary art by renowned national and international artists, and others with a progression margin assured. These works may be sold, or rented for a certain time period.

Quorporum¢î has in its ranks, on a full-time basis, a large experienced team in transversal valences, ranging from architecture, business management, economics, marketing and communication, to art experts, yachting and real estate investments, that guarantee in real time, with a high level of excellence, the ability to respond to each client's particular needs.