Nothing compares to the experience of being driven in a unique automobile

The name Maybach is associated to the most beautiful and exclusive automobiles ever built.

In the 20’s and 30’s, these authentic masterpieces symbolized luxury, class and exclusivity whilst rolling on New York avenues, Monte Carlo, Paris, Berlin…

One of the most emblematic Maybach was constructed in 1933 for the Maharajah of Patiala. It was a Maybach Zeppelin D S 8, a car with an amazing 8 liter and 12 cylinder engine which debited 200 HP and weighed 3 tons. In the 40’s, due to the great economic recession, these automobiles disappeared from circulation.

Dream once again came true when Mercedes Benz accepted the challenge to rebuild a legend, bringing it to life, giving it all its former attributes, enhancing it with the newest art technology that can possibly be integrated in a car.

Each Maybach is unique, built and personalized to the closest detail, reflecting the individuality of its owner. Maybach 57 S, at your disposal through Quorporum®, is a special version prepared by AMG of 612 HP and equipped with fridge, Champaign flutes, TV, DVD, 2 TSF screens, Bose sound system of 600 Watts and 21 columns, telefax, printer and connections for any kind of portable PC.

Driven by our chauffeur, you will enter a new dimension of luxury and comfort, until now unimaginable for you.

This Maybach is available for sale or renting.