You cannot be fully prosperous if you don't have time and health to enjoy your wealth

Many persons became successful along life, but they couldn't enjoy the most that prosperity by lacking health and life quality.

Among its wide range of investments Quorporum® has privileged the health area, more specifically the one on anti-aging.

The brand Clínica do Tempo®, world leader in anti-aging and non-invasive "liposuction", is its belonging. This network of clinics specialized on controlling time, delaying our biological clock and improving longevity was founded by Dr. Humberto Barbosa and serve annually thousands of new clients coming from all over the world.

Recently during International Quality Summit, held in New York, Clínica do Tempo® received an International Prize for Quality and Excellence as World Leader in Anti-Aging and Non-Invasive “Liposuction”.

The BID award for Quality and Excellence equals the Oscar in cinema or the Pulitzer prize in journalism, honouring and rewarding business companies that are world leaders in their own fields. This award that Clínica do Tempo® has just been granted represents the success, the innovation, the compromise, the distinctiveness and the recognition of the superior quality of Clínica do Tempo® services and results achieved with all its programmes all over these years.

This is a global award, resulting from the extraordinary effort of all those who dedicate themselves with exceptional commitment and passion to Clínica do Tempo®.

Clínica do Tempo® is present today in Parede, Lisboa Porto, Almancil and Maputo.

This concept may be turned available in other countries through the franchise model.

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